Hi! I’m Andrea


What brought me to this point...

Before I started my business, my world completely fell apart. I learned through heartache that this moment is all we have and there is no time like NOW to embrace our fullest potential.

Whether personally or professionally, we can find the courage to let our heart be heard and follow our truth. There is no time like NOW to break the shackles of conformity and enjoy the richness that life has to offer.

After nursing my new-born son through Cancer in 2003, then becoming widowed in 2006, I realised I had no idea who I really was.

My identity had been formed by the roles that I played and after being left broken and alone it was my destiny to discover who I truly was.

I know the freedom that exists when you take back your power, when you over come your limitations and move through your pain to find peace within your heart.

I am here to guide people to the MORE they desire and to KNOW the highest version of who they are.

As a Transformational Courage Coach, I  create the safety for you to detach from the stories and expectations that take you further away from who you are designed to be.

The opportunity to be your truest, most powerful and unbelievably magnificent self is absolutely available to you... it's all about taking the one next step. 

Sometimes we just need a guide to help us remember who we are.

That is my superpower.

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